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All you want to know about Fans

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    What Room specifications to consider when selecting our Fans?
    1. As per room size, select Fan Dia: For 50-80 sqft – 30/36″ Fans, up to 100 sqft – 42”; Up to 140 sqft 48”; Up to 180 sqft – 52”; Up to 200 sqft – 54/56” and Up to 225 sqft – 60”. All sizes are mentioned only in inches & refer to Fan diameter.
    2. As per Ceiling ht: Drop mounted fans (with rod) are meant for medium or High ceiling only. For < 9 ft ht., please use Flush (fans w/o rod in pic) or Dual mounted fans (fit with & without rod) only.For normal ht => 9.5 ft, please use Drop mounted fans (fans with rod).
    3. High ceiling requirement: We can fabricate rods till 15 ft ht. For > 16 ft ht. or doubt height we recommend good pedestal, table or wall mounted fans. Please call us for best options.
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    Do these fans require special fitting?

    No: We provide the bracket, 6″ rod (Drop mounted only) & the fan. Any qualified electrician in your city can fit them easily if it is RCC. The Customised High speed range can be fit with Indian hardware or drop rods also.

    Yes: If you are fitting any designer or luxury fan – whether with rod or w/o rod in a false ceiling. First remove the Indian shackle/ U hook & rod. Your carpenter needs to fit a 10X10″ hollow plywood box which can take 15 kg as shown for support (Ht same as your Gypsum ht). After drawing the wires, the box is closed & fan is fit on top with our hardware. Also if you are fitting aremote controlled/ BLDC fan in false ceiling, the sensor requires outside access & hence this style is recommended for easy L.T maintenance. Finally, you may apply last coat of paint before installing fans.

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    How can the fan speed be controlled?

    All our fans are provided with pull chords or remote control. All pull cord operated fans can be upgraded to remote control fans at extra cost. Except BLDC, All AC motor fans can be controlled thru the wall regulator/ automation as well.

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    How are BLDC or Green tech designer/ Luxury fans controlled?

    BLDC fans are only controlled through respective remotes, not on wall regulator or automation – hence please bypass them/ make them a dummy in order to use remote for speed & light control. We would not be able to replace motor for any Incorrect usage, only for genuine manufacturing defects. 

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    What is the air delivery to expect for Indian weather?

    These fans would give 20% lesser air delivery compared to local fans; the flush mount ones may be 30% less. It is advisable to use with intermittent AC rooms. Having said this, we have a customised High RPM decorative fans if you require air delivery as good as Indian fans. Click the gallery to know more.The winterfunction acts as an exhaust fan making your room warmer and saves 10% energy too!

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    Can fans be fixed on a sloping ceiling?

    Most Fans with remote control need to be fixed at a 20 degree angle and the other fans at 35 degrees. You may keep 8″gap between the blade tips and the slope or wall. Please check with us prior to ordering.

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    What blade options do we have?

    As we stock only high-end ceiling fans, there are a variety of blade finishes to choose, from wood to canvas! For ceiling fan ranges with reversible blades, they can be attached either way up to compliment interior designs.

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    What maintenance and cleaning is required?

    Our fans have permanently sealed bearings and double lacquered surfaces and do not require much maintenance. An occasional dusting with soft cloth is recommended. Use of harsh chemical cleaners and polishes would cause damage & not part of warranty.

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    What is the order lead time?

    Except for the Customised fan range, most of the imported designer fan range are delivered in just few days if available Ex stock or have a 2-3 weeks order lead time, within India. Kindly check the exact time before ordering. We accept only fund transfer payments.

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    How to install Custom High Speed Fans


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    Steps to fix Luxaire Fans

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